Construction & Renovations

Construction & Renovations

Our strength in identifying and executing creative, cost-saving solutions allows us to work closely with teams to achieve the specific requirements of each project.

From design and development to finished product, Wesley Construction gives unparalleled support to our customers to ensure a smoothly run, successful project. We take personal pride in making sure that the work not only meets our client’s standards, but also our own high standards.

At Wesley Construction, we take pride in our ability to self-perform any project. Rather than subcontracting, we specialize in handling all aspects of a project, from labor to equipment and materials. Doing so not only saves you money, but also allows us to deliver a consistent, reliable product.

We partners with clients around the country, with services including:

  • Full Service General Contractor
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Bonding and Permitting
  • Quality Control
  • Full Construction Management
  • On-site Supervision
  • Punch List Execution
  • Scheduling/Critical Dates
  • ADA Compliance
  • FF&E Removal, warehousing and installation

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